The Significant Challenges of Life

Coping with the loss of a member of our family, a close friend - and even a pet - can be the biggest challenge of our life. We can be overwhelmed with shock and confusion making us feel sad and depressed. Grief plays an important role in coping with our emotions. Each of us has a unique way to react to death. Our grief is unique as well. Due to social support and by maintaining certain customs most people can recover from their losses. It depends on the person how long it takes. There is no "normal "legth" for it. Divorce, moving house, breaking up, changing your workplace, children leaving the family nest, traumatic events, abuse, doom of a future dream can throw us into crisis, causing loss and grief we need to process and cope with. There is time when we do that on our own, other times we do it with our loved ones and friends. There is time when we do it with a counsellor.

Help of the Counsellor

Feeling pain over our loss and grief is a healthy, natural reaction. You don't need to take drugs or visit a GP or a psychiatrist to get treatment for it. What does a grieving person do? They cry, they are sad, they feel pain. They may feel down, helpless, empty, pointless and as if everything lost the purpose, everything is useless. They may be angry, scared, they may burst out in laughingh that can swap into showers of crying without any transition. Eavan the easiest tasks may look unachievable, days may melt together, every day activities for satisfying basic needs may be skipped, things may be forgotten. These are all normal. Seeing a counsellor during this process - the grief work - may help the person feel and express their emotions related to the experience. In this trusting space, the grieving person is able to have a look at and reflect on their overt and cover processes related to their loss. The goal is not to speed up the grief work, getting rid of the pain, or helping the client back to "the normal life". We work on how the grieving person can exist, get a line, adapt and wholly function in their new reality with their available resources and transformed systems of relatings to others.

~ Our Own Situation ~
  • Our Own Dying
  • Losing our Job, Retirement
  • Impaired Physical Condition
  • Broken Dreams
  • Break up, Divorce, End of a Relationship
  • Experiencing Abuse, Violence
~ Situation of Others ~
  • Death of a Loved One
  • Death of a Pet
  • Children Leaving Family Nest
  • Illness of a Loved One
  • Witnessing Suffering of Others
~ Situation of the World ~
  • Organizational Changes
  • Naturtal Disasters
  • Climate Change
  • Economical Restrictions
  • Unstable Circumstances

One to One Grief Counselling

Regular, one to one sessions, psychological counselling in the agreed time and duration, in person or online.

Bereavement Group

A ten-session, grief recovery support group. Intact team members, 90 minute sessions, in the evenings, on weekdays, in person or online. Details of the support groups are shared on our Facebook page. On beyond this, we provide our taylored educational and group services for schools, institutions and companies at their site.

Below you can see our contact details. Feel free to contact us. Related to the current fees and further services, please refer to our main site at BAGOLY TANODA. On our Facebook page, you can read articles, conversations, find useful information and references.


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