My name is Balazs Polyanki. I am a psychologist, author, trainer and coach. I have been providing grief support to individuals for a long time. I collected my professional experience in 17 different countries during the last 20+ years - inclusing the USA, UK, New Zealand, India, Japan, Singapore, Egypt, Greece and more. I live in Hungary close to the capital city.

Most of the time I work with clients coming from countries other than Hungary. I worksed and lived in different - English speaking - countries as well. If you believe you would like to work with someone who could support you in your grief, feel free to contact me. Every time I provide my new clients with a 30-minute free orientation discussion. We take the next steps only after that. I delivery my services mainly via Zoom. You may be in Hungary or somewhere else, it does not matter, we can connect. Please drop me a line and we can schedule a short session when it suits both of us. Thank you.

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